The team at Engraving and Etching are constantly scouring the internet for our favourite engraving and etching techniques, tutorials, videos and patterns to share with our readers.  When we find something we love, naturally we want to share it and the internet was established on that very basis – the sourcing and sharing of knowledge and information.

Our aim is to help bloggers and designers get their content in front of a wider audience of engraving and etching enthusiasts that might just be looking for your patterns or ideas but haven’t come across you yet. We’ll sometimes use an excerpt of your article to describe a pattern in our own words, but will always link back to your original source material or to your pattern download page to give you full credit, send our readers over to your site or store, and help independent pattern designers and bloggers get more sales and traffic.

We share it because we love it and we think our readers will too. Our readers also then go on to share it on social media and Pinterest to bring in even more readers to your article and buyers to your pattern store.

Most bloggers and designers are delighted at the prospect of a link back to their site or pattern store. However, if you prefer not to have your content linked and shared on any of our sites, just let us know. We will remove all such content immediately and mark up our records not to share your content again.  Just drop us a message via the Contact Us form.